Staff Activities and Team Building Events

How important are staff activities and team building for business and how can these be improved?

Staff activities provide an opportunity for people to get to know each other better in a relaxed environment. The benefit for your business is that it shows staff that you appreciate their efforts, it also allows you the opportunity to see aspects of individual’s personality that you might not otherwise see in a work environment. Many of our clients organise staff events because they just want their staff to have a little fun together. Research shows that happy staff perform better, feel part of the work community and provide better service to customers. The bottom line is increased turnover for your business.

Staff events provide an opportunity for people to be brought together in different groups to that they normally work in, and to meet with people who they might work with through electronic communications but not actually meet in person.

Staff of New Zealand businesses are increasingly looking for “Fun” as an element of their workplace and a motivator of their loyalty and performance. Regular staff activities can add fun and provide opportunities to relieve some of the pressures normally found at work.

More formal team building and group development activities, as well as having the key ingredient of fun, focus more on building communication and interpersonal relationships than does a team bonding activity where the shared experience is what counts. eRewards offers team building activities that can bring a focus to develop or highlight different aspects of successful team behaviour.

What are the benefits of staff activities and team building events?

Create Fun associated with work – a key factor for successful employers.

  • Happy staff perform better and want to stay = better customer service.
  • Build rapport, communication and a joint sense of mission in your teams to make them more effective.
  • Show staff they are valued and increase staff retention.

What staff activities and team building events does eRewards offer?

eRewards has joined forces with a major events company who offer a full range of Team Building programs and services throughout New Zealand or in the location of your choice.

With staff across 8 cities in New Zealand they offer programs suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and are more than happy to go wherever you need them to go.

They have offices in :- Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, Christchurch, & Queenstown.

In this day of on-line business they offer events that are performed REMOTELY also, these include:-

The Infinite Loop, Race Around the World, Peak Performance, Escape the Mob, Global Innovation Game, Go Remote, It In A Minute, Chain Reaction, Lights Camera Action, Meditainment, DiSC Workshops and Game Show Live.

INDOOR ACTIVITIES include:- Animate, Beat the Box, Chain Reaction, Crescendo, The Infinite Loop, Lights Camera Action, Quick Fire, Rat Trap, Star Potential, The Big Picture, The Great Kiwi Cake Off and Win It In A Minute.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES include:- Amazing Race, Flat Out Afloat, Flat Out Formula 1, Go Team, Puppet Masters, Flat Out Afloat, Survivor, Top Town and Zoo Safari.

CHARITY ACTIVIES include:- Box Cart Derby, Build A Bike, Dream Factory, Feed The Need, Helping Hand Program, The Putting Edge and Tools For Schools.

The above are just a few examples of the many activities offered.  To find our more about any of the above please email us including your company name, the approximate number of people/staff involved, the date/dates you have in mind, your budget, and maybe an indication of how active or any preferences from the above you may have and we will come back to you with some suggestions for your staff event.  Alternatively you can fill out the contact form on this page but please remember to enter your requirements as above.