About eRewards

Loyalty programs, incentive rewards, team building, these are services offered by eRewards – a New Zealand company established in the year 2000 in response to demand from the business community for web based loyalty reward programs and incentive programs for staff and customers.

The reward programs offered by eRewards are unique both in the technology of the solutions on offer and the range of rewards available to participants in the reward programs. The events we organise for staff and/or customers are based around fun activities and provide a good forum to say thanks to staff or build stronger customer relationships.

eRewards continues to be a very successful business and is able to cater to all businesses from large corporates to the smallest of SME’s throughout NZ.

eRewards is a business that is successful because of our focus on listening to our customers and developing high quality customized solutions to meet their needs. We offer a very personal service that is able to respond quickly to changes in the markets we operate in, and the changing business environment of our customers.

We have embraced the electronic era and can provide very sophisticated web based loyalty and reward program solutions relatively cheaply that will impress you with the detailed information we can handle.

To find out more about eRewards just complete the contact form or email us and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Gifts To Remember ( was established in 1997 as a new and unique business that offers experiences as gifts in the form of a nicely presented gift voucher. Whilst Gifts To Remember sells “fun”, eRewards is more about providing solutions that build loyalty and staff motivation for business customers.